The impacts of the industrial revolution 4.0 on the issue of employment and requirements for universities on the training of Vietnamese human resources

The industrial revolution 4.0 with new technologies has changed the production platform and the nature of many industries. In addition to the emergence of new occupations, the world has also witnessed the loss of certain specific, repetitive jobs and increasingly demanding types of quality human resources. Therefore, the research about the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on jobs and the necessity for training high quality human resources in universities is a meaningful and necessary. The paper first analyzes the positive and negative impacts of the industrial revolution 4.0 on the jobs, followed by some recommendations for universities in identifying key training areas, future-oriented training fields, especially the training programs associated with the technology 4.0, and strengthening cooperation between universities and enterprises in training human resources, at the same time, developing soft skills for students to meet the human resources for the digital era.