• Curriculum English business writing (writing 4)

    Curriculum English business writing (writing 4)

    There is some deviation from regular syntax since students’ writing needs to use special structure forms in order to create its special effects, for example the one- sentence paragraph and the one-word sentence. The aims of this course are to make writing in English easier and convenient, to introduce and practice some useful kinds of writing, to help students improve their writing skills.

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  • Curriculum British literature

    Curriculum British literature

    This courseis expected to encourage students to identify how these stories ‘work’ by considering classic examples which, in each class, illustrate a particular aspect of short story composition. An exchange of ideas and responses between students and tutor enable the student to then put into practice what they have observed in a series of writing challenges, designed to extend their writing skills in this most exciting and challenging genres.

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  • Curriculum An introduction to litearatue

    Curriculum An introduction to litearatue

    Literature is the art of writing, it requires the creative readers with effective strategies for reading and interpreting and analyzing. Students leaning literature are expected to express their comprehension though literary analysis and interpretation. This material aims to second- year students with a general knowledge about basic techniques for literary comprehension related to four skill interactions.

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